The Titans Have Agreed With Mayor And The City Of Nashville To Build A New Domed Stadium For $2.2 BILLION

Sooo it sounds like a Super Bowl may be coming to Nashville? The Titans and the Mayor of Nashville have agreed upon a new deal for a brand spanking new domed stadium for around $2.2 Billion. The Titans have been lobbying for a new place to steamroll the AFC South instead of renovating Nissan Stadium. It sounds like the Titans will be getting $200 Million from the NFL and an additional $500 Million from the taxpayers of Tennessee. That is a lottttt of money. Now the stadium only opened in's barely old enough to drink and it's going to get knocked down for a massive new domed structure that ideally will host Super Bowl, Final Fours, any basically anything else they would want to hold there. It's not like the weather in Nashville is terribly cold or awful in the winter when the Titans are playing outside, but the new sexy thing in the NFL is the domed stadium to try and get your city a Super Bowl. 

Again, it's basically still a new stadium, only 23 years old and there isn't anything really wrong with it? But this is how you play the game. We saw it with the Texas Rangers opening their new ballpark, The Braves old ballpark wasn't that old, the Commanders have been lobbying for a new stadium for ages, yet here are the Titans getting a new stadium instead of renovating their not even old one. I'm all for a domed stadium, sure. Throw some turf on it, make it fit about 60,000 and I'm sure it will look awesome. It's just mind bottling that these young stadiums are getting torn down for these massive domed structures now. It's also crazy to think that the Titans will get a new stadium before the Rays and Athletics. Obviously they're different sports but those 2 dumpster franchises have been pleading for years to get a new one. Just shows how much the NFL is king. You want to tear down a 23 year old stadium in good condition? Sure. Oh, you want to move out of the worst ballpark in the country? Nah. It's all about the Super Bowls though, if you can host a Super Bowl you do whatever you have to, and sometimes that means building a new stadium with a dome. Now I'm excited to see the renderings to see what this bad boy is gonna look like.