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Scantily Clad Female Electricians Are Taking Over TikTok

10/10 smoke-show electricians in tight clothing are taking over TikTok. 

Well... ok...  maybe they're not "taking over". That might be a stretch.

Ok ok ok... even the plural "they'" might be stretch.... there might just be the 2 from this article. And based on this first girl's TikTok history, it looks like she maybe just started her electrician job earlier this month. Are we sure she's even a real electrician? She might just be dancing into the camera while wearing big electrician pants and a tight shirt. I've yet to see her doing any actual electric work.

Actually... no I'm sorry..  that's not fair. I'm not going to be cynical. I'm always so quick to belittle people, and declare that whatever they are doing is "dumb" or "fake". I have zero reason to accuse her of not being a legitimate electrician. I don't know why I had to start off on such a negative foot. 

I'm off my game because I was going to blog about a whale's penis that washed up onto shore in Australia, but then I saw White Sox Dave had blogged it already. I was going to tell a story about the whale's wife who caught him cheating with a hot young dolphin, then they had a domestic whale dispute in the coral reef etc. etc.. But just because White Sox Dave scooped me on the whale penis story, doesn't mean I need to take it out on this young electrician.

Ok, let me start over.

The New York Post has noticed a trend of smoking hot electricians taking over TikTok. I'm going to take that headline at face value and write a blog about it.

Personally, I think this is great. Social media leads many young women to believe that they must fall into 1 of 3 lines of work: Housekeeping, Childcare, or Sex & Lifestyle Podcaster. But thanks to "these sexy sparkies who are electrifying the internet", that is sure to change. 

According to credible website, there are 309,901 licensed electricians in the United States, and only 2.1% of them are women. That's the perfect recipe for any girl looking to go viral on TikTok. Find a job that is traditionally dominated by men, make a sexy looking video of you dressed up as that profession, then BAM! Viral sensation. This girl has posted less than 10 electrician TikTok's, yet she already has a New York Post article written about her.

HOWEVER, if sexy electricians do become a thing, it DOES NOT mean us men can start calling them to our homes for no reason. A sexy electrician's time is valuable. There are electrical issues all over the city that need tended to. If you want a sexy electrician to come over to your home, you need to have a legitimate reason. Try dumping a bucket of water onto your circuit breaker. Find an exposed wire that runs into your home and cut it with a pair of gardening shears. That way, when the electrician gets there, she will have some real work to do.

Also, for any sexy men reading this– this DOES NOT open the door for you to become sexy male electricians. We already have enough of those. I've seen far too many films where sexy male electricians seduce lonely housewives. It's hard to resist a hot, rough n' tumble man doing manual labor inside of your home. A 4 turns into a 6 when he's fixing your circuit breaker. A 6 becomes an 8 when he's untangling your wires. An 8 who is using diagrams and blueprints to diagnose your electrical issues is having sex with your wife at this very moment.

Not my girlfriend. She wouldn't be interested in such a thing. But I can't speak for yours.