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"There Is A Beast Beneath The Boards!" No One Does Foreshadowing Better Than Game Of Thrones/House Of The Dragon


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Helaena Targaryen may be the most underrated character in the entire House of the Dragon show. This is the second time that she has predicted the future. Now, I don't think she's three-eyed raven status like Bran, but some crazy shit is going on with Helaena. You can bet your ass that I'm going to be tapped into every single one of her lines throughout the rest of the show.

In Episode 9, when she was talking to Alicent, she uttered the phrase, "There is a beast beneath the boards." Right off the bat I just assumed she's crazy and was saying random shit. Then, fast forward to the end of the episode andddddd Rhaenys blows open the entire coronation room floor with her dragon, Meleys.

This isn't the first time she was able to predict the future. In episode 6, Aemond is crying to his mother, Alicent. He's talking about how the kids keep making fun of him because he doesn't have a dragon. Alicent promises Aemond that he'll have his own dragon one day and then immediately Helaena mutters, "He'll have to close an eye."

And we all know how Aemond looks today...

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So clearly Helaena has some sort of ability to predict and see the future. However, it seems like nobody in the show takes her quite so seriously. She stays to herself, but when she speaks it's extremely important. Maybe now Alicent and co will listen with Helaena has to speak…

While on the topic of foreshadowing and GoT, my favorite foreshadowing ever came when Bran had a vision in Season 4, Episode 2.

Bran saw the dragon flying over King's Landing 4 seasons before it happened. Obviously, we all know what happened in this episode as Daenerys followed in her Dad's footsteps and became a mad queen.

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Another one of my favorite (and most heartbreaking) foreshadowing is in the very first GoT episode. Ned Stark, Robb, Jon and Theon all come across a direwolf and a stag that fought and killed each other. This signifies the doom that was to come to both houses. We then know the tragedy that struck when Joffrey "Baratheon" beheaded the goat, Ned Stark.