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People Are Saying The MLB Is Cheering For The Yankees Tonight Because All The Other Marquee Teams Have Been Eliminated

CLEVELAND — The Yankees return home after surviving a scare here and will have a packed house at Yankee Stadium behind them for the deciding Game 5 against the gritty Guardians on Monday night. Presumably, some of the fine folks at Major League Baseball will be quietly rooting, too.

With the Dodgers and Braves out of the playoff picture, the Yankees’ chances to run the table improved without them even lifting a bat. For the same reason — the surprise extinction of powerhouses L.A. and defending-champion Atlanta — some MLB people presumably wouldn’t mind seeing the Yankees keep going, for at least another round, and better still, two more.

That's a combination of disgusting and not our problem. I'm sorry the Dodgers lost. I'm sorry the Mets lost. I'm sorry the Braves lost. But if the suits at Major League Baseball are "rooting" for a team tonight then I don't know what else to do. The suits at Major League Baseball "rooted" for Albert Pujols to get 700 home runs. The suits at Major League Baseball "rooted" for Derek Jeter to get a walk-off hit in his final game. And now the suits at Major League Baseball are "rooting" the Yankees to win. We all know what happens next.

And part of me thinks this doesn't just start tonight and that we've already been getting jobbed all series. I sat in Section 561 last night and let me tell you, that was the worst umpired game I've ever seen.

Steven Kwan has a better eye than the umpires. That's a fact, and the K-Zone continuously proves that. My suggestion for the umps is that if Kwan doesn't swing, just call it a ball. My other suggestion for the umps is to get some glasses.

And if they're going to screw us at the plate, at least let us call timeout first.

Don't even get me started that "all replays are being handled in New York". What is that bullshit? How about all replays are handled at The Thirsty Parrot in downtown Cleveland? I bet we'd have gotten a few different results last night.

All I'm saying is that it would be very cool for the suits to let the game be decided on the field tonight. But I must admit, I might be cheering for the Yankees in Game 5…I just want to see Bob Costas, the umpires, and Major League Baseball go home happy.