Yanet Garcia's Costume Has Completely Changed My Mind On Halloween For Adults

I'm not really a Halloween guy. Never have been, never really will be. However, my mind starting to get changed thanks to Yanet Garcia here. Don't get me wrong, Halloween as an adult and dad now is pretty nice. Minimal effort (no costume) and still get to pick out my candy because I take whatever my kids get. Trust me son, you don't like Kit Kats. I'll take those, thank you very much. 

Halloween now has basically turned into getting together with the other dads in the neighborhood, carrying a couple beers and walking around chasing these rugrats to get candy. But have I been missing out? Is this what Halloween for adults is typically like? Because if people are dressing up like Yanet Garcia I may have to wander outside of the neighborhood. Might even slap on a different shirt and call myself a different name as my costume. That's how it works right? 

So shout out Yanet Garcia. She did the impossible and changed my mind. Halloween is for adults too.