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Terry Francona Says If You Offered Him A Game 5 In New York To Go To The ALCS Back In March, He'd Have Jogged There

People of Cleveland: Take notes from Skip. This is the mentality we need as a collective group heading into tonight's Game 5 elimination game. We should be fired up to be here, not pouting. The woe is me mopey-ness because we lost one game to perhaps the best pitcher in baseball needs to stop immediately. On the way out of the stadium last night, I heard someone say "there's no way we win in New York". Buddy, do you have short term memory loss or what? It was not even 3 days ago that we beat the Yankees in New York....

...and I fully expect to again tonight. 

We lost a game. Boohoo. Could you imagine if the morale was this low in our clubhouse? We shouldn't even get off the plane if that's the case. But the good news is that our team is not led by the couch managers on Twitter that have declared this series over. Our team is led by the undisputed greatest manager in the sport, and his best quality is his ability to rally the troops and get the most out of them. I would run through a brick wall for Tito and I know the players would and will tonight.

No one expected us to win even 80 games, let alone win the AL Central by double digits, let alone sweep the Wild Card Round, let alone win a game against the Yankees, let alone take them to Game 5. And now no one expects us to win tonight. This team has shocked people all season long and this evening is just the next wall to bust down.

Tonight is a bullpen game and we've got the better bullpen. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.