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Rookie Mistake: Chase Claypool Doing An Interview While Enjoying His First Ever 'Celebratory Dip' After Beating The Bucs


Big fan of the celebratory dip move. The least shocking part is the fact Gunner Olszewski was the one who provided said celebratory dips. That said, Chase had to learn a valuable lesson here. The first time you dip is a magical experience. Some get the spins, some handle it fine, some get sent into a different dimension, some don't even know what they are doing and swallow some dip. But rule number 1 is avoid being in public for it. You need to be in a spot with an exit plan. Let's say you start to get the spins and sweats, be somewhere you can sit down and get some water. Really that's just lesson 101 for any sort of vice. 

Luckily I'm not a puker so I can't really side anything there. That said I remember my first time throwing a dip in. Good old fashioned Grizzly Wintergreen while at my buddy's sister's graduation party. And let me tell you, those spins were not fun. I mean it was for the first 5 minutes when I buzzed my nipples off. But the moment I had to sit down and handle the spins? Woof. 

That's what Chase needed to learn here. Avoid the bright lights. There's no way that feels good the first time you catch that tobacco buzz. If you're ever going to have a celebratory dip you gotta practice. I know the Steelers suck (so do the Bucs) but sit at home one night and toss it in while sitting in a recliner. Work your way up so you can handle the bright lights of an interview with a lipper in. 

100% chance Chase let out a little poop in his pants during the dip. Not doubting that one bit.