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The Philadelphia Eagles Have Held Cooper Rush To An Astounding 1.0 Passer Rating In The First Half


All we've ever heard was Cooper Rush this, Cooper Rush that. This is the man who has quite literally never lost a NFL single game he ever started. In fact, he's never even thrown an interception. Surely he is the greatest football player to ever lace them up. Clearly he was well on trajectory to being an all-time great. Dak Prescott was dusting off his resume all week knowing that it was only a matter of time before he'd need to find a new job. And then...

1.0 passer rating baby! Looks like Cooper Rush is do you say...pretty shitty at football. Who would have ever guessed? 

But is Cooper Rush shitty at football, or is this Eagles defense an absolute buzz saw for even the greatest quarterbacks to go up against? I mean these corners are EVERYWHERE tonight. Cooper Rush is going to be seeing Slay and Bradberry in his dreams for the next few weeks. And clearly Cooper Rush has been having plenty of success before going up against this defense. So maybe, juuuust maybe, it's too early to say that Cooper Rush sucks and that the QB controversy in Dallas is no more. I think he's earned himself a few more weeks of the starting job. It's not his fault the Eagles are a wagon. 

Go Birds.