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DALLAS SUCKS: Eagles Beat Off The Cowboys For NFL Leading 6-0 Start

6-0, baby. 6-0. Was it easy? Eh. The Cowboys have a great defense. Sure. They haven't let up more than 19 points to any team all year. Well, that is until the Eagles scored 20 the first half. The Eagles 2nd quarter mojo this year has been record breaking thus far. 

Annnnndddd then there's the 2nd half. Specifically the 3rd quarter. 

Blame Lane Johnson getting concussed. Blame the refs and some horseshit calls. No, seriously: 

But the Eagles had full control of this game and had nobody to blame but themselves if they fell. Fortunately for the sake of saving the greatest Philly weekend in recent history, the Birds pulled through. And then some. Credit to Hurts, the defense, and specifically Cooper Rush for coming through for the Eagles. 

6-0. Bye week. Get healthy and let's keep the train rolling like Collensworth says. Maybe. 

Enjoy it, people. We get times like these once or so a generation. Enjoy it.