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Sauce Gardner Owns The Green Bay Packers Now And The Jets Are Actually Good

It's been so long...but it feels good to say "I'm a Jets fan" once again. 

Probably the first time since 2010? Maybe for a moment in 2015? 

After that...the only good day to be a Jets fan was draft night. Now? They sit at 4-2. 


From a Jets fan perspective, I was looking for one thing this year: progress. Maybe a 7 or 8-win season. Now, at 4-2, looking at the schedule ahead? Playoffs are possible. It's not crazy to say that! If the Broncos win tomorrow night, the Jets will be one of three teams with 4 wins in the AFC. 

Sauce Gardner is an absolute beast. A perfect draft pick by the Jets. He owns the entire Green Bay Packers franchise now. 


Have we seen enough from Zach Wilson? No. That's the biggest question and what gives me the most pause about this team. This just isn't good enough:

The issue with evaluating Zach is the Jets offensive line is just brutal. Coming into today, the Jets rank 28th in pass blocking according to PFF. The Jets are doing a good job taking the pressure off of Zach with a phenomenal RB combo and quick passes, but to use Garrett Wilson properly, you gotta give Zach some time.

Next week, the Jets take on the Broncos. After that, it's Patriots, Bills, Patriots. On November 20th, we'll know a lot more about this team and Zach Wilson. Escape that at 2-2? The goal of the playoffs looks really good! 

As someone who has not been a fan of Robert Saleh, I am more than happy to say I am wrong. The defense looks pretty good. People will poo-poo this win because the Packers are not as good as they have been in the past, but going into an away game in the NFL as a TD underdog and winning by 3 scores? That's huge. The biggest win of Saleh's head coaching career. 

P.s. Shout out Micheal Clemons as well: