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Sauce Gardner Rocked A Cheesehead Hat To Troll Packers Fans...And Had It Slapped Off His Head By Allen Lazard


The New York Jets just stomped all over the Packers at Lambeau Field, and rookie phenom Sauce Gardner had no trouble rubbing Green Bay fans' noses in the stink of their team's 27-10 defeat.

Sauce has more than lived up to his billing as the No. 4 overall pick in this year's draft, quickly emerging as a lockdown cornerback. He made multiple, exceptional plays in coverage to help keep the Pack's Aaron Rodgers-led passing attack in check. Damn near had a pick-six, too.

But I really don't care about any of that. THIS is so much cooler. I don't know how you can hate on this man or root against him, unless you're an AFC East rival or something. The NFL is a better league when the New York (NJ) teams are good, and Sauce is a huge reason why the Jets are 4-2. Moreover, Sauce has the SWAG that Robert Saleh has been trying to infuse into this youthful Gang Green team.

Saleh spoke of keeping "receipts" of all the haters before the Jets embarked on this current three-game winning streak. Sauce doing this at one of the most iconic venues in football after basically shutting down the back-to-back MVP in Rodgers is a whole other level. Didn't anticipate typing "Jets" and "badass/fucking awesome" in the same sentence before this season began. Call it the Sauce Gardner Effect.

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