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Pardon My Take's Football Guy Of The Week Nominees: Week 7

Well, this one backfired, the funny story I included ended up winning the Football guy of the week.

Just want to say, we do not condone child abuse so he will not be receiving the football with a nail in it. 


1. Fresno State Football Coach

In a 17-14 Fresno State win against San Jose St. apparently a coach punched through a window and it ended up injuring some fans. Just saying, coaching box freakouts have been winning football guy of the week lately and this guy punched through a window. 

2. Jeremiah Crawford OL, Tennessee

This one has been making the rounds all weekend as this dude just used puking as an intimidation tactic. Like puking is considered a weak move, but this dude just made it look like the scariest thing in the world. 

3. Tennessee Fans

In their first win in 16 years, the Vols have beaten Bama and their fanbase did the most. Hitting the field and taking out the goalposts is a wild move, but these guys did it and threw it in the river. 

4. Jordan Poyer SS, Bills


Driving cross country has you never in the mood to do anything, neverless playing in a football game. For Jordan Poyer that didn't matter and he got in the car and drove 15 hours so he could play the Chiefs. What ended up happening was he couldn't risk the atmospheric pressure with that type of rib injury but could still play.