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No Comment On The Dumpster Fire That Was The Browns Game, It’s Baseball Season

What do you want me to say? I woke up at 6 am and drove 5 hours to downtown Cleveland with my Dad to get a good spot at the bar for the Browns game before heading off to the Guardians game, and it happened to be the worst display of football since Walter Camp invented the sport. Am I happy about it? No I’m not. Am I going to let it affect my focus for tonight? No I’m not.

The fact of the matter is that Bailey Zappe threw for 300 yards on our defense. A third string quarterback on a team that doesn’t even have a good first two quarterbacks. If Joe Woods is still employed by the time the first pitch is thrown this evening then I will take off the Browns hoodie I have underneath my 1995 Indians jacket. That’s an Ohio’s Tate guarantee. I’d rather be freezing cold tonight than support this abomination of a franchise.

Jacoby Brissett was terrible. The defense was terrible. We got out-coached. And not to make excuses but the officials were absolutely awful.

I’m not saying this call changes the outcome of the game but I am saying that if Tom Brady was on the receiving end of this assault, the refs would’ve called the game off and the defender AND defensive coordinator would’ve been taken to jail. And the onside kick was no better. If that play is reversed, they give the Patriots the ball there too. There is a Cleveland bias and I refused to hear otherwise.

The season is over. There’s no chance of playoffs anymore. And we can’t even tank for a better draft pick because we traded all of our draft picks to bring in a quarterback who allegedly assaulted 25 massage therapists.

Whatever, it is baseball season and I have much more important things to do tonight than sulk about the Cleveland Browns. BEAT THE YANKEES!