Browns Fans And Patriots Fans Have Joined Forces To Start A “FUCK THE YANKEES” Chant In Cleveland

Now this right here is why sports are so special. Sports are one of the few things in this country anymore that are able to bring people together, whether that be to cheer on their teams…..or to hate on their rivals. While the Patriots and Browns may be competing on the field this afternoon, their fans have joined forces in the stands to insult the real enemy: the New York Yankees.

Hating the Yankees is the one thing that this country has always been able to agree on, and I’m proud to stand with my brethren in Boston on this matter. We may not see eye to eye on everything, but we all see eye to eye on one thing: The Yankees SUCK.

I will say this: I’m currently in downtown Cleveland right now, part-time blogging from my phone at the bar, and the atmosphere is ELITE. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Guardians come out and hang a 5 spot in the first inning from the energy of the crowd alone, but I won’t be concerned if they don’t. As long as the Yankees have to go to their atrocious bullpen tonight, I LOVE our chances.