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Pray For The NFL: Daniel Jones Finally Has A Wide Receiver To Throw To And His Name Is Future Hall Of Famer Wan'Dale Robinson

You see that? That's Daniel Jones finally having a weapon. That's future Hall of Famer Wan'Dale Robinson who is playing his first game and already getting to the end zone because all Wan'Dale Robinson does is score touchdowns. Dude is electric to watch - just like his first catch which was a huge 1st down. Now you just get him in space and bam touchdown. This is important because Daniel Jones finally has a weapon. It's not just trying to get the ball to Ritchie James or Daniel Bellinger. It's not lining Saquon up in the Wildcat and hoping for the best. Nope, it's a real NFL-caliber wide receiver. 

This is what Giants fans have been waiting for. This what we needed. Someone that gets us excited to see out there. Sure, Darius Slayton is a fine player. But he never got us jazzed up. Ritchie James is a surprise. But there's only so many possessions you can watch with David Sills and Marcus Johnson out there. Now we have Wan'Dale and he immediately goes 2 for 2 on catches with a touchdown. 

Game changer. 

That's 1 of hundred(s). Welcome on home Wan'Dale.