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Down Goes Goliath: The Padres Finish Off One Of The Biggest Upsets In MLB Postseason History And Eliminate The 111-Win Dodgers

It's tough to top the scene out in Tennessee tonight, but Petco Park gave em' a run for their money. The San Diego Padres just took down the 111 win LA Dodgers to advance to their first NLCS appearance since 1998. What an incredible baseball moment. 

For a while it looked like we were heading towards a deciding Game 5. That's when the bottom of the 7th came around and the Padres woke up. It was an avalanche. 


Petco Park exploded as the heavens opened up and the rain came pouring down. It only got the crowd going even more. 


Good for San Diego, man. That's a fantastic fanbase that's been starving for a moment like this. They've gotten dominated by the Dodgers for so goddamn long, it's time the little guy to punch back. This is a team that's tried to win for so long whether it'd be through big signings like Machado or making blockbuster trades like Soto/Bell or Hader. AJ Preller has done everything in his power to make this team better year in and year out. One of his best moves ever might have been bringing in Bob Melvin to manage this group. Going from Jayce Tingler to Melvin is a complete game changer. Shows you what happens when you get yourself a great manager. Joe Musgrove, Juan Soto, Josh Hader, and Josh Bell help as well. 

Crazy. Down go the world beater Dodgers who completely dominated everyone in their path to this point. They ran into a team full of confidence, pissed off at everyone who doubted their ability to pull this sucker off. Confidence and belief are powerful things. The Padres have a whole lot of those two things right now. The Padres finished 22 games worse than the Dodgers and just knocked them out.  Going to be one helluva party in San Diego tonight. 

Phillies/Padres is going to be an incredible NLCS. 

P.S. Think Juan Soto is happy to be out of DC?