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The Seattle Mariners Waited 21 Years For A Home Playoff Game Then Lost 1-0 In 18 Innings

Congrats to the Astros. They won the series in maybe the least/most impressive sweep I've ever witnessed. By no means did they beat the shit out of the Mariners and that's why I don't know if it's least or most impressive. Least impressive because I think they only outplayed the Mariners for 3 or 4 of the 36 innings. Most because they still found a way to win and kill the entire Mariners fanbase in the process. That's one of the most devastating 3-0 wins you'll ever see. 21 years of waiting for a home playoff game and then they sat there for 18 scoreless? That's fuckin cruel. 

Do Seattle people deserve it? Probably not. I don't know them well enough but certainly seem like nice folks. They're on a good path with an ideal ownership group and all the cornerstone talent you could possible ask for. They're not going anywhere. If anything this is probably going to become a thing between the two organizations which is a good thing. 

As for tonight's game, absolute lunacy. Look at these box scores: 

I'm not adding all that shit up. Just saying that's a lot of effort to settle on 1-0. 

Astros and Phillies move on. Padres tied 0-0 at time of publishing. Yankees looking to go up 2-1. 

Easily the best start to any MLB playoffs I can remember. Maybe I'm wrong. We'll talk about this week on starting 9 here