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Watch This Man Get Hammerfisted Into The Crust Of The Earth

Holy fuck, Alonzo Menifield! Talk about hammerfists! 

If Mark Smith took another second to step in and stop that, I think Cirkunov is getting hit with another twelve whack-a-mole shots. Those final three ground-and-pound punches were hard to watch.

Congrats to Menifield on a great first round finish regardless!

Another thing - you know a knockout is bad when the UFC shows a few replays, goes to commercial, comes back, and the victim (in this case, Misha Cirkunov) is still out cold. Menifield went from celebrating like a madman to praying he didn't just kill a man real quick, and was super classy in wishing the veteran well first and foremost in his post-fight speech.

While this card isn't full of big names, there's been some good fights thus far with plenty of finishes and a few more bouts to go....

I know the MLB playoffs and college football are dominating the airwaves right now, but if you're rockin a multi-TV setup, throw UFC on the tiny one at least!