Did The Astros Just Get The Weirdest Double Play Put On Them? Yes, Yes They Did.

What in the world is Martin Maldonado doing here? He's on base and Jose Altuve hits the laziest of fly balls directly to the first baseman. Maldonado just....casually walks back to first base and thinks he has all the time in the world the gets tagged out.

What the hell was that? Did he think it was higher? Did he think he had more time to get back? What an odd mental error there for easily the weirdest double play we've seen in yeara. That is a mistake you can't do in tee ball, let alone an October playoff game. If he was trying to mess with France before he made the catch he did an awful job. Hope Dusty gave him an earful for that one. Just get back to the bag dude. No need to mess around.