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WATCH: Meek Mill Started To Freestyle At Robert Kraft’s Wedding

Having Meek Mill and Ed Sheeran performing at your wedding is probably the coolest thing you can do. It’s Robert Kraft so it doesn't surprise me. But he is still an older guy, so you would think he would want like Billy Joel or someone else that’s old.

That’s besides the point though. I always thought about how Meek Mill and Ed Sheeran are treated at this wedding. They were obviously paid to perform at the wedding but are they considered guests. Did they get a table card when they walked in? In the freestyle it seemed like he knew Kraft’s wife but when you're a friend of a performer, is it an awkward situation to ask them to perform when they are invited as a guest? All questions I will not have to worry about but it’s fun to think about. I also feel like it has to be weird for celebrities to perform in front of other celebrities. 


I have a lot of questions because every normal perosn like myself critiques every part of a wedding. Was the cocktail hour good? Did they have a bacon bar or a mashed potato bar? Did Robert Kraft have groomsmen because at 81 you are just hoping your friends are well enough to go to the bathroom in a toilet. Regardless, I always just wonder if this wedding was like all other weddings but on steroids. 

Meek Mill even kind of looked a little awkward when he started the freestyle. It was kind of sick in my opinion but it also looked like a lot of people weren't bopping their heads to it. Imagine trying to freestyle and Tom Brady is looking at you like a crazy person. 

That man has to be going through it at a wedding with his broken heart. What a shame. At least he is playing the Steelers this weekend so he doesn't have to play too well in order to win.