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Safe To Say Bryce Young Isn't Getting The Tom Brady Treatment On Roughing The Passer Calls

Isn't this targeting? I don't know what qualifies anymore because college football officials are so inconsistent at calling that penalty. Not helmet-to-helmet, but at the very least, I'd imagine a Tennessee defender launching into Alabama quarterback Bryce Young is roughing the passer. Doesn't Omari Thomas literally leave his feet to smash into him? Sure looks like it to me.

Young also got smacked on the helmet down near the goal line before this, resulting in a tipped pass and a near-interception. Surprisingly, the Crimson Tide are letting the reigning Heisman Trophy winner take a lot of punishment. Dude is getting drilled in Knoxville, yet is still showing grit and keeping Bama close, even as Tennessee has played from ahead starting less than five minutes into the game.

There were already questions coming into this SEC clash about Young's right throwing shoulder, which kept him out of last week's win over Texas A&M. Taking shots like this is doing the dynamic signal-caller no favors as he tries to will the Tide to victory.


Oh yeah...and in case you happened not to know about the Tom Brady Roughing The Passer Penalty Heard 'Round The World from last Sunday...

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