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The Panthers Have Reportedly Put Christian McCaffrey On The Trade Block

Christian McCaffrey is only 26 years old and making a mere $1.035 million dollars this year...but how much should teams expect to give up to get him? Run CMC was incredible in both 2018 and 2019 but he's only played 15 games since the pandemic started and he hasn't looked anything close to what he used to be. There's been many injuries over these past three seasons including issues with both ankles, his right shoulder and even his thigh.

The McCaffrey that used to average 4.8 or 5 yards a carry doesn't seem to exist anymore. In McCaffrey's defense, he has played all five games so far this season but instead of hitting something close to the 2392 yards from scrimmage like he had in 2019, he's on pace for about 600 yards less than that this season.

If this version of McCaffrey is not what he once was, is he still valuable to teams? I think so but I wonder if the Panthers still hold him in a higher esteem than they should. They claim they have already turned down two teams who reached out this week. The 2022 McCaffrey could still help a team like the Ravens or Rams but at what cost? Would the Panthers insist on a 1st round pick? Because that seems crazy to me.

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He only makes about $1 million this year because he did renegotiated his contract before the season. That contract does jump back up to $11 million dollars next season, but that can be the new team's problem to worry about. The good news is that allows every team to be able to make a trade for him this season and get him under the cap.

The Panthers SHOULD trade him and with his injury history, they should probably trade him soon. The Panthers are 1-4 this year and are going nowhere. They are 10 point underdogs this week against the Rams on the Barstool Sportsbook. The Panthers are a shitty team and should trade everything that's not nailed down for draft picks. Tear it all down. It feels like there are less teams tanking this season than in recent years and this could be an opportunity for any NFL team committed to losing. 

Trade everyone and don't wait around for the perfect offer back. Christian McCaffrey isn't going to help Carolina this season and with his injuries mounting, there is a good chance he won't be able to help anyone soon enough. Trade him as soon as you can.