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The LA Times Makes The Case For Canceling The Playoffs And Awarding The Dodgers The Championship Because They Won 111 Games In The Regular Season, But Are On The Verge Of Being Eliminated

Was really starting to wonder where the sympathy tears for the $275 million payroll, 111 win Dodgers was. Allow me to get the world's smallest violin. 

If there ever was a case for canceling the playoffs and awarding a championship because one team was so clearly better than all the others, our 2022 Los Angeles Dodgers would be it. For the love of St. Vincent Scully, they won 22 more games than the second-place team in their division, which just isn’t done.

You think the Seattle Mariners want a word? 

My goodness is that one way to cope. Getting completely out-played by your division rival that you dominated all season long and finding yourself one loss away from an early postseason exit? Just crown yourself the champion because you won a lot of regular season games and the playoffs are unfair. Stop the count they say as they. Take it outside baseball, how about the 2007-2008 Patriots? The 2015-2016 Warriors? The beauty of sports is that anything can happen in the playoffs. Naturally LA sports fans don't understand this. 

Thought for sure reading that headline this was written back in September as the Dodgers were putting the finishing touches on a franchise best regular season campaign. Nope, this is TODAY. It's genuinely amazing someone began writing this article and continued all the way through before stopping and smash their laptop on their head. Can't look more pathetic than this. Finish them off tonight Musgrove.