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The Gear Package Auburn Sent To Its NFL Alumni Is Shockingly Awful

Auburn must really be trying to cut costs everywhere possible to pay Bryan Harsin's buyout, because the care package the Tigers sent out to their NFL alumni is as embarrassing as it gets.

Darius Slayton opened up his box from his alma mater and was greeted with about enough gear to complete two-thirds of one outfit. Would it have killed the Auburn athletic department to throw a few more shirts and quarter-zips in there? I'm sure there's some extra gear lying around the facility somewhere. The poor guy is getting clowned by his teammates!

Auburn may have actually been better off not sending anything. For reference, here's what the care packages from Alabama and Notre Dame look like:

I'm sure Slayton was not the only Auburn alumnus in the League ashamed to open that box in front of his teammates. The next thing Auburn sends out needs to be an apology letter.