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Tonight Utah Will Wear Hand Painted Helmets Showing The Faces Of Two Former Teammates That Passed Away Recently

It's absolutely tragic what happened to these kids and I feel horrible for anyone involved. Ty Jordan was killed during a shooting at a house party last year. Aaron Lowe passed away from a self inflicted gunshot wound on Christmas of 2020. Tonight Utah will honor both of them in their game against USC with hand painted helmets that feature portraits of their faces. 

Last year the team shared a mantra of being "22% better" to give a tribute to the two players shared number. They became the first players ever to have their number retired at the school. Now they'll continue that respect and remembrance with the hand painted helmets. 

Utah vs. USC is a massive game today on a board of games full of fantastic matchups. This is a big game in itself so you know the team is going to play hard no matter what. Add in the helmets and you should expect a herculean effort from the Utes. I think USC is the better team but tell me you're betting against Utah today? 

You have to take everything into consideration when you are betting on football and this was my duty to tell everyone about this game. You never wanna bet a game like this and not know the whole situation before kickoff. Utah is at home -3.5 and I think you just have to take them after this information.