This High School Offensive Lineman Advancing A Blocked FG For A Game Winning Touchdown During A Celebration May Be The Wildest Finish Of All Time

So it must be noted that the score at the time of this field goal attempt was 28-27 Penn Hills on account of a 30 yard touchdown pass AND ballsy two-point conversion with 18 seconds left. That in itself is a finish that the people down at the barbershops in East Pittsburgh would be talking about this morning, but what escalated it to perhaps the wildest finish of all time is what happened in those next 18 seconds.

Central Catholic impressively gets the ball down to the Penn Hills 32 yard line, lining up for a 49 yard field goal at the buzzer to win it, which is a kick that will be missed no less than 50 times today throughout Division 1 college football. Anyways, whether that kick was going through or not will never be known, because Penn Hills blocked it and went bananas.

You can hear the announcer calling out the final score of the game as the sideline clears, the cheerleaders go crazy, and the players all chest bump on the field to celebrate a home victory. Meanwhile, that ball is live.

You gotta zoom in and watch the lineman who scored. That's my favorite part. He realizes the ball is live but understands that he needs to keep it a secret. If he goes and picks it up right away, his offensive lineman speed probably doesn't outrun the defense. But by straightening his back, walking off the field at a diagonal towards the ball, and then picking it up and running for his life, he scores the game winning touchdown and Central Catholic not only won but likely covered the close spread.

This the Browns vs. Ravens kick-six but in reverse. The odds of that field goal going in from 50 was probably about 10% in a high school game, and the odds of a block and offensive lineman picking it up run 30 yards for a score had to be about .0000000001%.

Lots of Penn Hills boosters took to Twitter though, citing this photo that may give the Pennsylvania High School Athletic Association a little bit of work on Monday:

Line of scrimmage looks like the 32 and I could see where you might think that lineman picked it up at the 31, which would make the play dead.