Watch Chris Fowler Tell An Incredible Story Of Burt Reynolds Trying To Fight Him On The Sidelines During A Florida State Game

I agree with Chris Fowler here. I wouldn't want to fight Burt Reynolds (RIPIP) at any point of his life either. Like Fowler says if you beat up the old guy and FSU legend in Tallahassee you're an all-time bad guy. Would be an unreal heel turn from Fowler. But if you lose, you lost to an old man. Lose-lose. You 100% go viral for getting your ass kicked by Burt, an all-time cool guy. 

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But you see, here's where Fowler messed up. He says mistaken identity because they didn't joke about divorce on the show. Blame the entire thing on Rece Davis. They are the same fucking person! They somewhat look alike, they have a similar career arc and they even sound similar. Just go 'whoa, Burt, buddy, that wasn't me. It was Rece Davis. It happens a lot.' Throw that man under the bus and take the heat off of you. Learn to weasel your way out of anything even if it's a case of mistaken identity. 

I know it's early so I may forget someone obvious, but Burt is for sure in the top-5 list of Hollywood dudes I wouldn't want to square up and fight me. Dude played football so he has a bit of crazy in him. Plus he was roommates with Corso. You know you gotta have a bit of crazy in you to deal with college Corso. 

Shout out Corso though real quick. Not only did he diffuse the situation here and protect Fowler, but the dude has been a face of college football forever. I know he's been on and off GameDay, but it's one of those where I just want to see him put a big goofy mascot head on. 

RIP Burt. Consider yourself lucky, Chris. 

PS - Obligatory because this is still the peak of SNL for me