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Rhys Hoskins Just Blew Every Single Roof Off In Philadelphia

Rhys Hoskins, have yourself an afternoon. 

All it takes is one swing to completely change the narrative. Obviously this postseason has been a little rough for ol' Rhysy boy. The bat hasn't been hot. And then there was missed play in the bottom of the 6th of game 2 that got the Braves' rally going to put a few runs on the board. Everybody was ready to give up on Rhys. Everybody was already thinking about who the next 1st baseman would be in Philly next year. And then...

FUCKING STOMPED ON IT. There's not a single roof in Philly still functional after that one. Citizen Bank Park erupted so damn hard it registered on the richter scale. Either that or it was the shockwave from that bat spike from Rhys. And as if Atlanta wasn't shitting their pants enough after putting an extra man on base just for Rhys to blast one into orbit, up comes Bryce Harper just 2 batters later. 

See ya the fucker later! Moon shot. Phillies are buzzing. Philly is buzzing. Playoff baseball is back. What a time. 

P.S. -- Never forget. This is Brian Snitker's fault for calling the Bank a "so-called hostile environment".  

Said? SAID!.