Bob Knight Once Cornered Scott Drew In A Bathroom Because He Was Mad About A Recruiting Tactic

Matthew Lynch. Shutterstock Images.

On today's Pardon My Take… SCOTT DREW! The Head Coach of the Baylor Bears and National Champion joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter in-studio on today's show to discuss the future of the Big 12, respecting the media, a potential retirement tour, and much more. 

Coach Drew began his career at Baylor in 2003, which included an overlap with the one and only Bob Knight in the Big 12, who was at Texas Tech from 2001 to 2008. Understandably, the two of those guys probably had tons of recruiting battles over the years, and on today's show, we got a glimpse of a confrontation between the two coaches. And the unique part about this one: it took place in… a bathroom? I'll let the guys take it away from here…


Mr. Cat: A little birdie told me at one point in your coaching career, Bob Knight might have given you a talking to in a bathroom about negative recruiting. Is that true? 

Scott Drew: Ahhh. Coach Knight has talked to a lot of people during career. But one thing about Coach Knight is he's always going to say what's on his mind and you respect that.

Mr. Cat: But in a bathroom? So, tell us. Did it happen, he just saw you in a bathroom?

Scott Drew: Well, obviously, when you're in the bathroom, you can't go anywhere till you're done, right? So, you're going to listen. But yeah, he did. He did talk to me in the bathroom. 

Mr. Commenter: Were you currently at a stall when this was happening?

Scott Drew: Yeah, I was at a stall and…

Mr. Cat: He got you!

Scott Drew: He got me. I think he was at a stall, too, though. So, it ended when both of us were done.

Mr. Cat: I like that, though.

Mr. Commenter: That's a great point, you can't run away. 

I surfed the internet to try to get more context about this situation and came across this ESPN article from 2010:

For example, Drew mailed a flier to recruits that showed a picture of him standing between former Texas Tech coach Bob Knight and former Texas A&M coach Billy Gillispie with a caption that read: "Which of these Big 12 coaches has signed a McDonald's All-American?"

A big, red X was stamped across Knight and another across Gillispie. That tactic, along with other negative recruiting mailers throughout the years, has infuriated some conference coaches.

Drew apologized for the flier, but only after Knight cornered him in a bathroom during Big 12 Conference meetings and told him the coaching profession doesn't operate that way. Drew hasn't surrendered his aggressive approach, a recruiting style that one source familiar with the conference deemed "the most negative recruiting in the country."


I can't think of many things off the top of my head that are scarier than being on the other side of Bob Knight yelling at you. Terrifying. But Scott Drew probably took it like a champ. Just off the 30 minutes he spent in the Pardon My Take studio, there were only positive vibes coming from him. I can't wait for college basketball season, which is just more than three weeks away!

Oh, and if we are blogging about Bob Knight, we have to include this video…