She-Hulk Season 1 Was The McDonald's Snack Wrap Of The MCU

Look, I get that She-Hulk was a divisive show, which pretty much makes it the same as every Marvel movie/show made by Disney since Endgame. But I liked it because it didn't mind poking fun at itself, was full of cameos that my dumb brain always loves, and could get extremely meta (with the finale being the gold standard of this).


Throw in a couple of casual sex jokes here and there, some X-Men references, calling the creator of your cinematic universe a robot that is almost perfect, and make the climax of your show about trolling the trolls that spent a ton of hating the fuck out of your show online in the "real world" and I am almost definitely going to be a fan of your show.

Which takes me to my patented Fast Food Item Review of She-Hulk. I said it was the Chalupa while talking to Robbie on this week's My Mom's Basement while trying to come up with one on the fly. But that's probably a little too nice for this show since I enjoyed it but don't consider it the best thing of the Disney+ menu that She-Hulk casually strolled through before fixing what looked like it was going to be a GAWD awful ending. The Chalupa should be reserved for pieces of television art like The Wire or Breaking Bad.

Instead, I think She-Hulk was the McDonald's Snack Wrap. It was quick to consume, I almost always enjoyed it, and left me wanting more. That's pretty much all you can ask from a Disney+ Marvel show if not what should be the blueprint for most Marvel show moving forward. Not all of them have to try to be funny or self aware. But sometimes less is more when it comes to the MCU and you should leave thinking you had fun since I'm pretty sure that was what Stan Lee wanted in the Marvel universe once him and his team started doodling on paper back in the day.

Also if they get rid of She-Hulk like they got rid of the Snack Wrap, we riot. And by riot I mean occasionally write very strong worded messages on Twitter.

Anyway, Robbie and I broke down this metariffic finale along with our thoughts on the season as a whole along with the future of the MCU on today's My Mom's Basement (I do think Jen Walters and Deadpool chopping it up in an R rated movie could be hilarious).