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At Some Point Someone With The Broncos Needs To Sit Russell Wilson Down And Get Him To Stop Talking

I understand self-confidence and all that. I understand that Russell Wilson or any athlete should talk about how they are going to win every game. Whatever. But this? This dude stinks - I'm not even saying he stinks as a person. He stinks as a quarterback right now. The Broncos are bad, Russell is bad. If we didn't have that gem last night we'd still be talking about the Broncos-Colts game being the worst one of the season. 

This is why Russ needs to stop this, well, Russ shit. Every quote is so bad that it's honestly hilarious. I know everyone likes to call him corny because of TikToks, quotes, bizarre commercials, you name it. But as someone who has to sit through watching the Broncos on primetime with no rooting interest it's brutal. They make me want to check out of football on a Sunday or Monday night. 

You can't be looking worse than Geno Smith and talking about greatness. Just a pretty basic life rule when it comes to quarterbacking in the NFL. At some point someone needs to sit him and and just be like maybe don't keep saying things we're going to get made fun of. Stop calling yourself Dangerous or Mr. Unlimited. Maybe we stick to Russ and try to throw a touchdown or two. 

I can only imagine the meetings with Hackett and this guy. I actually think I'd want to watch one of them. I need to know how they operate together behind closed doors. Russ was good at one time. I stand by that. Hackett obviously had Rodgers before. But together? They forgot the simple parts of football like a playclock or who their best player is (was). I can't believe we have to watch them on MNF this week.