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The Only Thing Worse Than Last Night's NFL Game Was The Halftime Show During Last Night's NFL Game

As someone that gets paid to make middling sports jokes, I am very aware about not throwing stones from my glass house. But that was one of the worst football comedy segments I've ever seen, which is saying something with all the nonsense pumped out by Fox, CBS, ESPN, and all the other channels that gave the bag to have NFL games on their channel.  

It was so bad, I actually think it may have been a big brain move by Jeff Bezos. The Thursday Night Football games have been bad forever, but have probably never been worse than the last two weeks in Year 1 of his deal with Goodell. The quality of play isn't going to improve as long as the NFL keeps shipping players to play a game full of human car accidents with less than a full week of rest. However, Bezos already sunk a billion dollars into it, so there has to be a way to make the games appear not to suck.

Enter "The Pile On" full of timely jokes about the Mighty Mighty Bosstones or roasting the name Zach Wilson for being weird. After a minute of watching that, your brain will be begging to watch Justin Fields and Carson Wentz get sacked, under/overthrow receivers, and engage in a general rock fight that sets offensive football back a decade. It may not be the traditional avenue of comedy. But at least you can bet what will happen on the Barstool Sportsbook!

The sad thing that hurts the most is that I actually like Taran Killam. He was funny as a utility actor on SNL and is married to the Canadian queen known as Robin Scherbatsky.

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Don't you dare call her Cobie Smulders either. She is Robin Scherbatsky and anybody that is good enough for her hand in marriage is good enough for me (Ted Mosby is still a weenie though). 

Anyway, if longtime Stoolie Jeff Bezos is reading this, may I suggest just playing his new Lord of the Rings show in a split screen with the NFL game and right through halftime so those of us who aren't going to watch it until Thrones is over can bang it out while watching whatever slop the NFL and Roger Goodell leave at our doorstep every Thursday night. Not many people can watch a sporting event at the same time as a fantasy show. But the ones that don't need their mouth to breathe should be able to follow both no problem.

Or he can just show Robin Sparkles' greatest hits hit.

P.S. I didn't have a chance to look through all of these videos, but I definitely remember enjoying a bunch of things Taran did on SNL even before I found out he was married to the one Ted Mosby let get away. So I'll throw some of his videos at the end of the blog in case anybody wants a laugh after watching The Pile On again.