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Browns Defensive Coordinator Joe Woods Admits His 30th Ranked Defense Has Top 5 Talent, So I'm Pretty Sure That Means He Should Be Fired

I'm going to need to have a talk with the people over at FootballOutsiders because these rankings seem a bit off. You probably think I'm talking about how Jacoby Brissett could possibly be leading the #4 ranked offense in the NFL when he's just a backup quarterback, but what I'm really talking about is who on planet Earth could possibly be ranked below our defense. #30 seems too high for a group that just gave up 440 rushing yards in their last two games. In fact, they gave up 238 rushing yards last week to the Chargers, who came into the game with the worst run game in the entire league. That folks, is not good. But that's okay, I'm sure it's just because we don't have very talented players, right? Wrong. Defensive Coordinator Joe Woods has admitted himself that we have the talent to be a Top 5 defense.

Does anyone have Kevin Stefanski's phone number? Or since Joe Woods clearly has some sort of dirt on the Head Coach, what about Jimmy Haslam's number? Someone with the power to remove this man from his position NEEDS to know that even he thinks he stinks at his job, because literally every other person in Cleveland has been calling for a firing since like, Week 1.

I don't know, you guys. He should've been fired after the Jets collapse, and then he's turned in two more games worse than that. Something does not add up to how this man is still employed.