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Ohio State's Offense Has Been So Dominant That They Would Be 6th In The Nation In Scoring If They Only Played 3 Quarters A Game

**My calculations show that they would actually be #6 in the nation in scoring, but the point still stands. And may I remind you all of a couple things before I begin this blog:

- CJ Stroud is the heavy favorite to win the Heisman on the Barstool Sportsbook at -150, with the next closest odds being +700, despite playing maybe 3 quarters per game

- Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Ohio State's original #1 receiver, got injured early in the Week 1 Notre Dame game and only got in vs. Toledo since

- Julian Fleming, another starting receiver and once the #3 recruit in the nation, missed the first two games 

- TreyVeyon Henderson, Ohio State's #1 running back, has missed a full game and about a half of two others

- Miyan Williams, Ohio State's #2 running back, missed last week vs. Michigan State

The facts are stated above: Ohio State's offense is historically great and we're basically doing it with our quarterback and a bunch of backups. That's no offense to future Top 5 pick Marvin Harrison Jr, who has more touchdowns than all of Iowa's offense combined, but the fact of the matter is that Jaxon Smith-Njigba is supposed to be our best guy. He hasn't even played. This offense is putting up video-game like numbers and it hasn't even scratched the potential of what it will be when we have all our ducks in a row.

Part of me wishes that Ryan Day said screw it and stopped being such a nice guy to the other team's coaches. The Buckeyes have the #1 scoring offense in the country, and will perhaps go down as the greatest offense in college football history, and they're only playing their backup starters 3 quarters a game. 

Which leads me to ask…What's the problem with running up the score? This isn't high school sports where what goes around comes around. There will not be a team that Ohio State goes up against in the entirety of Ryan Day's career that will have the ability to run the score up on us, so what's he worried about? Hurting their feelings? Sportsmanship? Give me a break. This is Division 1 college football and we are playing in the Big Ten Conference. If we can score 100 points on Michigan State then we should score 100 points on Michigan State. CJ Stroud has been waiting his whole life to play for the Buckeyes and now he has to sit out 25% of the game because we're too good. 

Here's another stat for you to head off to the water cooler with: Ohio State is averaging 31.3 points PER HALF in Big 10 games. That is more points than any other Big 10 team is averaging PER GAME in conference play. I know Ryan Day has been a nice guy to the other Big 10 coaches thus far, but I'd say he owes Michigan a triple-digit score and I think he's going to try and get it.