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Ron Rivera Cursed Up A Storm And Left His Postgame Press Conference In A Fiery Frenzy After Being Asked About Carson Wentz



Woahhhhhh Ronnie, calm down bud! My heavens, I think his head was about to explode. And this was after a win, no less! I mean, the worst win in NFL history that he should not be proud of, but a win nonetheless. 

But guess what? This is the price a coach pays when he agrees to work for Dan Snyder.


ProFootballTalk - Speaking to reporters after a 12-7 win, Commanders coach Ron Rivera reacted angrily to a report, embedded with ESPN’s lengthy article from Thursday, that owner Daniel Snyder “implored” the team to trade for quarterback Carson Wentz. 

The rant comes only three days after Rivera, who a day later backtracked on his remarks, attributed the team’s struggles relative to the other teams in the NFC East to “quarterback.”


I guess good for him for showing emotion? I guess? For the first time ever? But am I supposed to empathize with him? This is the price you pay for taking the head coaching job under Dan Snyder. It's every season, every week. A new report, a new headline, a new scandal. Zero coaches have been able to succeed under Snyder, and Ron is just the latest coach who will fail. But that's what happens when you take the Washington coaching job, you understand that no matter what, all this shit will trickle down to you. And am I supposed to rah rah rah that he picked Carson Wentz, he of 99 passing yards tonight? Spare me the theatrics, Ron. 

I just can't find it in me to give him an "atta boy" after this. The coaching has been bad, tonight's win was bad, and the QB whose analytics he looked at has underperformed. Storming off the press conference does nothing for me. A reporter asked a question from the ESPN report, Ron could have answered, it's that simple. Don't want the heat, don't take this job, it's simple as that. 

Ron seems like a nice guy, and yet another coach who will forever have the Dan Snyder stench on him. Just another season in Washington. Can't wait to see what nonsense happens next.