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VIDEO: Biz Nasty And Ryan Whitney Talk Shit To Sidney Crosby From The Crowd During A Hilarious In-Game Interview

Between the Fore Play podcast guys being playable characters in the newest PGA Tour video game and how our Chiclets heroes continue to explode onto the NHL scene, this feels like some sort of meta Barstool overload in our probably-simulated (or possibly hologram?) reality. But here we are — and how magnificent it is indeed.

Let's just stick with this very real clip of Biz Nasty yelling at Pittsburgh Penguins legend Sidney Crosby for scoring too early in this game. We all know the Coyotes are overmatched. They've made the playoffs once in the last decade. Even at the beginning of this clip, you can see the's 3-0 and the Pens are outshooting Arizona 17-4. Yowza.

So really, Biz is just looking for some good sportsmanship out of Sid The [Not So Much Anymore] Kid. Then Ryan Whitney drops the nugget that a more youthful Crosby who lived up to his famous moniker once said he wouldn't be the same player if not for our guy Whit.

Crosby's reaction to all this is priceless. He's like, baffled that this audio is being blasted for the entire arena to hear and doesn't know exactly what's happening, why it is, or what to do. Whit brings it back around and applauds the city of Pittsburgh ahead of tomorrow's live show. Smooth landing!

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