A Naked Gun Reboot Is In The Works Starring....Liam Neeson?

One of Hollywood’s classic slapstick comedy franchises is looking to make its way back to the big screens as sources tell Deadline that Paramount Pictures is moving forward with a new Naked Gun reboot. Liam Neeson is in negotiations to star and Akiva Schaffer set to direct.

Seth MacFarlane and Erica Huggins are producing via their company Fuzzy Door. Plot details are being kept under wraps except that Neeson may be playing the son of officer Frank Derbin instead of stepping into the role made famous by Leslie Nielsen.

Initially, this headline threw me for a loop. The Naked Gun is one of my favorite comedy franchises ever and NOT one that felt like it needed a reboot. Specifically because the incredible star of those movies, Leslie Nielsen, is no longer with us. He is nearly impossible to replace, and Liam Neeson probably isn't the first name that would come to mind. However, a few things excite me about it. 

1. Akiva Schaffer: One of the brilliant minds behind the Lonely Island and the director of some HILARIOUS movies like 'Hot Rod', 'Pop Star', and the recent surprise hit Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers reboot. He is also a producer/director on the best sketch show on TV in 'I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson'. 

2. Liam Neeson has weirdly good comedic chops: I know you might not agree, but just check out this clip from 'Life's Too Short'. Kills me every time. 

He even had a pretty funny cameo in 'Atlanta' after his ill-advised interview where he said he wanted to beat up a black person when he was younger. 

3. Seth McFarlane's Involvement: He is clearly a Neeson guy as he cast him in both 'Ted 2' and 'A Million Ways to Die in the West'. The latter wasn't great, but McFarlane is obviously a funny-ass dude.

So maybe this could work out! I assume it is going to be relativly self-aware considering the crew involved which should make for a funnier movie. In fact, I'd bet a LOT that Liam Neeson sounding similar to Leslie Nielsen will be a joke within the movie. 

We coincidentally talked on today's episode of THE BRACKET about Liam Neeson's admission. Honestly, this news probably means he shouldn't have been on the episode at all….