The Key To Pulling Off A Halloween Costume Is CONFIDENCE!

It's a spirited time around the office this week! NYC is feeling like Ghostbusters when the slime starts flowing. Or, maybe it was just another day, and the weather was nice, so no one wanted to stop walking when the crosswalk was red at every intersection. I love the Ghostbuster movies!

I bought a few costumes for some of the boys this week! It is so fun when the guys will play at the office. You are NEVER too old to have fun and be childlike. So, don't be a downer when someone asks you to come out and play! 

If you can have game and confidence, you are winning! I loved Billy, Rudy, and Pat's confidence while wearing these costumes. You have to have confidence to pull off a good costume, right!  They were perfect for each of them! 

Getting them styled just right was a little struggle for them and me. I had to steam Rudy's face mask to make it fall into place correctly. I steamed all the costumes, making them look nicer than packaged ones. We had to improvise with Rudy's sandals using a lady's garter with long straps and use them as the sandals up the leg. 


Billy wore his Scottish Tam Beret with a bit of personal style, a little to the back, with his hair showing. Have to love that!

And Pat put the character and personality wearing his Lederhosen costume!  He was in character with a little happy skip.

I love these guys!


Who do you think the winner is?

See you next time!