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The Barstool Office Grades My Pumpkin Latte Cookies and Absolutely Bewitching Cocktails

The cookie and cocktail this week is all about fall and Halloween. 

I'm not bragging, but the cookie and the cocktail this week were perfect. I wasn't alone in thinking this. Even Big Cat couldn't contain his enthusiasm for the cookies' incredible depth. Notice the double cookie stuff, as he said 1.3!

Pat and Joey had some great descriptive words for these cookies, including snickerdoodle on crack. Two other people used that same description. Maybe the name should be Snickerdoodle Crack, not Pumpkin Spice Latte Chewy Sugar Cookie, because that is entirely too long for a cookie name.

Here is how I made them the first time. 

The recipes here:

On to the cocktail this week, a great celebration cocktail and is called "Absolutely Bewitching."  It is smooth and just the right amount of sweet, not too sweet. Be careful because it is easy to drink; you'll want another, but be mindful here!

Soju is the most popular spirit in the world According to The Spirit Business, a trade magazine, Jinro Soju sold 86.3 million cases in 2019 - more than any other liquor brand worldwide. It is a low-alcohol spirit that has been distilled in Korea for 100's of years. Initially made from rice, then sweet potatoes, back to rice again. Low-alcohol meaning more than wine but less than hard liquor. Soju's vaguely sweet, milky flavor makes it easy to drink straight and even better to make a cocktail. The liquor store I bought the Soju from had many flavors.

See you next time!