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Please Delete This Video Of A Browns Receiver Getting Tackled By A Tackling Dummy Off The Internet

We simply cannot have videos like this on the internet, not when the Browns already have the most embarrassing reputation in the league. There are 160 pound kids doing this drill at high school football practices across the country at this very second, but professional football player Anthony Schwartz got stood up by the pad? How are we supposed to play the Patriots on Sunday, who have actual human defenders on their team, when we can't even get through a tackling dummy? I hope Stefanski never sets up a game of Red Rover....Schwartz's feelings might get hurt when he's the last pick.

Nick Chubb had a front row view of the whole thing and I'm not sure if he's in shock from such a hard hit by an inanimate object or if he's laughing under there.

I will say that I'm encouraged that Anthony Schwartz finally caught a football, but still, we gotta make it through the pads. I sure hope he doesn't lead us out onto the field on Sunday or we may have a Little Giants incident.