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Balenciaga Is Selling $1,800 Potato Chip Bags

Hypebeast- Continuing to build on its place as the name for viral fashion accessories, at its Summer 2023 “The Mud Show” presentation, Balenciaga unveiled a collaboration with the Frito-Lay brand Lay’s. Clutched by models as they made their way through the muddy scene, crafted by Spanish artist Santiago Sierra, was Creative Director Demna‘s take on the ubiquitous chip bag.

Far from the common $4 USD price of an actual bag of chips, the Lay’s x Balenciaga Potato Chip Bag Clutch is now rumored to be priced at $1,800 USD. The accessory, which comes as an unexpected official collaboration with the chip brand, is constructed of leather printed with a graphic representation of the classic chip bag design, altered with subtle “Balenciaga” branding. The clutch is finished with a faithful metallic silver lining and a simple zip closure at the top.

At the going rate of $1.8K, this clutch only costs about $1,796.01 more than an average 8oz bag of plain Lays potato chips so you'd be crazy not to spring for it! Sadly no actual chips are included but it is real leather. (I like to imagine the cow who's hide got used for this looking down from Cow Heaven expecting to see they became a burger, but whoa - they're a high end chip bag some hot lady is taking to the club. What a flex.)

As for the inspiration, Demna Gvasalia (Balenciaga's creative director) used a regular-ass, actual Lays chip bag as a purse back in June & went viral for it. Fashion blogger Hionfashion called it back then that it probably wasn't just some funky, random art thing & that a partnership between the brands was brewing. 

Speaking of, I'd be curious to hear how that works. Did Lays come to Balenciaga with the idea & then pay big bucks for this as if they were paying for a PR campaign/commercial? If so it worked because it's making headlines & a bunch of yuppy bloggers are writing about it (me!). OR did Demna come to them with the idea & have to pay Lays, even though it's free advertising for them? And do high fashion people know this is just an ad stunt so they won't actually buy it? Or do fashion people just buy this stuff anyways? 

Also, it wasn't until I saw zoomed out footage that I realized this was part of the now infamousl "Summer 2023 Mud Show" Balenciaga did.

Ah fashion, I enjoy watching from afar but will never understand you. I'm more of a Khol's gal myself, but if you added straps so I could wear it like a hippie-pack & made a Herr's Old Bay Cheese Curl bag I truly might spring.