White Sox Dave is A Raccoon And Is Out Of Control

Contrary to popular belief, someone's opinion can be wrong. No one epitomizes that better than raccoon boy, White Sox Dave. 

A blog fell out of his brain that could only be described as Dave's parents describe him - an utter disappointment.

The idea of a good "bad" movie is indisputable. TBS and TNT have a monopoly on these and you can usually find them on late at night or early Sunday mornings. Heck, certain actors sweet spot are good "bad" movies - Colin Farrel owns 5 houses all over the world on the backs of good "bad" movies. Give me a Recruit/Pride and Glory double feature on a gloomy Sunday morning before the 1pm games and I'm a happy camper. 

However, Dave's brain is devoid of nuance. According to him, if your movie isn't bringing home a statue, it's a bad movie.

There is a Grand Canyon sized gap between Oscar winners and bad movies. In fact, that is where most movies live. It's a sliding scale and we all look at movies differently, but nevertheless some movies are objectively good movies. Whether it's the writing, the actors, the plot, some movies will be enjoyed by most. The idea of the good "bad" movie is that most people dislike it or only watch it by themselves but for some reason a subset of folks truly enjoy the movie.

Let's get into Dave's list and why his raccoon tastes shan't be tolerated - (not going to get into his honorable mentions because he attacks entire actors' catalogs and that is preposterous)

Scream franchise - uhh hey Dave you ever hear of Wes Craven? The guy is one of the godfathers of horror and is respected as amazing film maker. Up until Scream, the horror genre was sort of in the dumps. This franchise revived it and not only that, he was able to produce sequels that kept you guessing and scared the entire time as well. The only knock here is Courtney Cox's hair choices throughout the franchise. 

Fast and Furious franchise - last time I checked they don't make 10 of something if it is bad. None of these will win Oscars but the action sequences alone make these good movies. Also, how dare you speak ill of the dead (RIPIP PW)?! #Family 

Armageddon - Dave should think this is a good movie on the premise that a group including ugly people with few discernible skills can save the world. Is the plot over the top? Pretty sure a few weeks ago we sent rockets into space to practice taking out targets so I'm going with no. If you don't shed a tear when the dude who is in every movie asks to shake the hand of the daughter of the bravest man he knows then you don't have a heart. Bad movies don't cause that level of emotion.

Boondock Saints here's the thing about Boondock Saints - it is a cult classic. No shot it ever did massive numbers at the box office but if you found yourself in college between 2002 and 2010 you inevitably saw this one. I don't think you reach "cult classic" status if you're bad. I recognize as an Irish Catholic I am probably slightly biased but the prayer they recite before they murdered someone that ended up in the AIM profile of your buddy down the hall is a banger of a prayer. When Dafoe is explaining "THERE WAS A FIREFIGHT" he displays some tremendous acting chops. Plus the whole time wondering if they were infused with the Holy Spirit or just weird dudes makes for an enjoyable ride. 


Taken-  Are you serious Dave? Bob said it best 

You know why Bob thinks that? Because it is good. Basically everyone thinks it's good. I don't know which part of it you're calling bad. Seriously, I'm not even entertaining the idea of needing to defend this one.

The one on the list that I've never seen is Never Back Down so maybe he got one correct but otherwise this is just a case of Dave having poor taste…again.

P.S. This is the same guy who says Denzel Washington, yes EGOT-nominated and multiple award winning actor (he is only missing a Grammy), plays the same role in every movie and isn't a good actor. Okay Dave, so everyone VERY widely recognizes him as one of the greatest actors to ever live but you think he stinks. 

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