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Finally Smart News From The World Cup - Qatar Will Have Zones For Drunk People To Sober Up During The Games (And It's Not Jail)

[Source] - Qatar is a predominantly Muslim country where public drinking is restricted, and it has decided to control public drunkenness by ensuring there is an alternative to arrests or jail time.

"There are plans in place for people to sober up if they've been drinking excessively," Al Khater, who is chief executive of the supreme committee, told Sky News. "It's a place to make sure that they keep themselves safe, they're not harmful to anybody else."

It has been reported that fans who end up in a so-called "sobering tent" will remain there until they are sufficiently clearheaded to be released with a warning.

Look at this coming from Qatar! They are willing to help drunk people and it's not just sending them to jail. I mean I assumed that's what was happening here. But nope sobering tent is for sure not jail. They make sure to say that without any winking or fingers crossed behind their backs. I still wouldn't trust them but they are willing to help people sober up.

Frankly I love this idea. I wish we had this throughout the world. Every person has either seen or been the person who has been too drunk in a public spot with no exit plan. This typically happens at a warm sporting event - in the stands. Maybe they had too many shots during the tailgate and the sun is getting to them, whatever it might be. Give me a sobering tent. Somewhere I can go shake it off and come back out for the second half. We get the blue tents on the sidelines of football games for players who are injured, now just need it for fans. 

Now there's a million heinous stories and crimes with the World Cup in Qatar, but this is at least smart. I won't stop saying how stupid it is to put a World Cup in Qatar, but at least there's a sobering tent. Dumbest World Cup ever.