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Hasbulla Has Officially Signed To Fight In The UFC

So I think we basically all knew this, as it sorta leaked a few weeks back - but as of today, Hasbulla has officially signed with the UFC.

I know what you're all thinkin: "Will he actually step into the octagon and fight in the UFC?!"

As much as I hate to say it, I don't think so? Even though it says so in that graphic he put up, I would be pretty shocked. Maybe for a fun one-off Metaverse thing, though? Who knows.

No details on his deal are released as of this moment (other than the fact that we'll soon be able to purchase Hasbulla Fight Kits on the UFC website), but if I had to guess - Hasbulla will probably be added to the UFC video game in some way, promote the Abu Dhabi/Fight Island cards, and maybe do UFC commercials or something like that.

We already know he'll be in Islam Makhachev's corner at UFC 280 when Islam challenges Charles Oliveira for the UFC Lightweight Championship.... I would assume we'll find out more at that event. Congrats on the big dub, Hasbulla. 

Conor McGregor can't be too pleased about this.

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