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Comedian Benny DeMarco Gets Punched In The Face By Heckler, Breaks His Face

Here's Benny DeMarco getting smoked square in the face by some dude who really, really sucks. If you weren't convinced from the white foakleys he likely bought at a country fair, or his silly salad haircut, maybe the sucker punch to the center of a comedian's face will get you there. Benny held this clip for years and posted it once the video of Ariel Elias went viral this week. His captions about Biden are a nod to that of course, but if you haven't seen it, you'd need to for context:

Yes, that's a sucker punch. Benny is holding a microphone in one hand and a drink in the other. Cannot defend himself unless he possesses the head movement of a pit viper. Either way, what a punch. So little backswing, so square. When your knuckles make a smacking sound against someone's face, you know that's a lot of surface area making contact. It doesn't look like the biggest, wildest haymaker. Reminds me more of that repurposed cattle gun that Chigurh used in No Country for Old Men

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I'm told Benny made some crack about the dude's girlfriend. Pretty standard fare for a comedy show, if we're honest. Next thing you know, the guy is sauntering on stage out of nowhere and playing the old "listen here buddy…" trick. Puts his arm around him and tries to lull him into a false sense of friendship. Never good, folks. Protect yourself at all times. Sure enough, when Benny steps back and says "get off my stage," the guy unleashes the piston. Then he walks off… at a normal speed. Only to get swept up in a tide of fists and kicks from the angry audience. Which is kinda heartwarming actually. 

The punch broke a major bone in Benny's face. I'm trying to ask him more about it but he's not answering. Will update when he wakes up. 

Obviously this is unacceptable behavior. Granted, this happened a while ago. But not everyone can afford the security detail that Chappelle has, ready to invert an attacker's legs and make him walk like Dave for the rest of his life. 

Anywho. Please don't punch comedians. Or throw nooners at them. Would be a real bummer to have to perform behind a plexiglass partition.