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Anything For Family - Kim Kardashian Had Sex With Pete Davidson By A Fireplace To Honor Her Grandma

I gotta be honest here. When I first saw the headline I was ready to talk about how sweet it is to have sex in front of a fireplace with your grandma's ashes in an urn above you. Family over everything. But then I saw the clip and uhh nope she's very much alive. She just decided to have sex with Pete Davidson in front of a fireplace for her very alive grandma. That's not how honoring someone works. 

[Source] - Kim's revelation came, of course, on their Hulu show, "The Kardashians," explaining to Mary Jo she remembered a tip she got from her granny ... sex in front of a fireplace is life-changing.

Ever the good granddaughter, Kim tested MJ's theory with her then-bf Pete Davidson ... in front of the fireplace at the Bev Hills Hotel.

I need to know was this discussed with Pete before? Because, I don't care how horned up I am, you start talking about your grandma having sex and I'm going to have that image in my head. You can't bring up your grandma's life-changing sex without me thinking of her for the entire 72 seconds of penetration. The grandma could even be a hot grandma but that's all I'm thinking about.

I also love how sex in front of a fireplace is life-changing. Be more cliche, MJ and Kim. That's basically every single movie. Hell even Game of Thrones has their weird sex in front of fires. Everyone through the history of time has had sex in front of a fireplace because it's 'romantic' or something like that. Life-changing? No. Maybe having sex with a Kardashian is life-changing, for good or bad. But a fireplace is just normal. It's cliche. 

Wonder if she had any sex with Kris Humphries to honor family members.