Just Another Day In France - PSG Had To Deny Claims They Hired A Company To Attack Mbappe On Twitter

[Source] - Paris Saint-Germain have vehemently denied claims that they hired an external company to attack superstar Kylian Mbappe and other club personnel online.

Media Part claim to have conducted an investigation that they say uncovered evidence of PSG's involvement in a co-ordinated online abuse campaign targeting Mbappe, that was carried out by Twitter bots.

But the shocking claims were quickly shut down by PSG who insisted they use their social media relations with companies for positive purposes.

A club statement, shared by Europe 1, read: "Paris Saint-Germain strongly denies Mediapart's allegations. PSG is an international brand that works continuously with social media agencies around the world to promote and celebrate."

That honestly felt like a MadLib when writing that headline but it's true. That's precisely what happened. I love it because of how stupid it is. Now obviously there's some animosity between PSG and Mbappe, he wants out, they aren't going to let him out. He was reported to go to Real Madrid then didn't. A whole lot of weird shit but this is by far the weirdest. A claim that the team hired a company to attack him (and others) with Twitter bots. Sure. Welcome to 2022 I guess. 

I need to know what the plan was here? Piss him off so much that he had to leave? That doesn't make sense at all. He's fucking Mbappe. He's one of the best players in the world and will be for years to come. I know I don't run a team or anything but that's someone I'd want on my roster. Call me crazy, but good players usually equal success, even if you play against farmers in Ligue 1. 


There's nothing like European soccer man. You just never know what story is going to come out. Here in America we have to talk about Draymond punching Jordan Poole and whether or not Russ hates the Lakers and the Dolphins removing a ping pong table from the locker room so they can focus. In Europe we have a team being accused of using Twitter bots to attack their star player. Batshit crazy. 

I don't even think PSG needs to hire a company. Just get a few fans who don't love Mbappe and they'll attack him at all times on Twitter.