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Brady and Gisele's Friends Reportedly 'Hate the Way' He's Been Handling Their Marriage Problems

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The most common expression you hear when a marriage is going through tough times is that "it's hardest on the children." Which, to be fair, is not true in every family:

What's less often said is how hard a breakup can be on the friends. 

Making Couples Friends is one of the hardest things an adult can do. I don't know how matrixes work, but when you get four people together, how many separate relationships is that? Six? Eight? All of which have to be solid in order for the whole group dynamic to work out.

And if one of those marriages ends, it becomes damned near impossible to hang on to those friendships. A divorce creates a crack in the foundation of the Couples Friends relationship, and the structure collapses in on itself. Which means you have to choose a side and keep that friendship going. Personally, I always take the husband's side. Whether he's right or wrong. Because it's simpler. I mean, what am I going to do? Hang out with my friend's ex-wife? Especially with me being so desirable and her suddenly on the market while I'm not? That way lies madness. 

Yet, in the biggest celebrity marital breakup since Charles and Diana, it would appear Tom Brady and Gisele's friends are taking her side. And are not shy about running to the gossip rags to let the world know:

Source - Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s friends aren’t happy with his behavior amid the couple’s marital issues. 

“Gisele and Tom’s friends are upset at Tom for going back on his word and coming out of retirement,” a source exclusively reveals in the newest issue of Us Weekly. “They hate the way Tom is refusing to bend for Gisele.” …

“This was really the first big issue they’ve had in their marriage. Friends are hoping they aren’t past the point of no return,” the insider adds. …

“Tom has been throwing himself into work and focusing all his love on the kids,” the source continues. “Gisele has been focusing on their kids and also working to build up her businesses and take some time for herself.”

First of all, that "hoping they aren't past the point of no return" thing is a noble sentiment. And hopefully true. You just have to wonder if blathering on about the intimate details of their relationship in US Weekly after they've confided in you is the best way to make that reconciliation happen. I mean, I'm sure that if back in the day Mr. & Mrs. Otto Graham or the Bradshaws were working on a trial separation, their neighbors wouldn't be running to The Saturday Evening Post or Reader's Digest to spill their guts about their personal lives. But this is the world we've created. 

Far be it for me to speak for Tom Brady, but I don't know if hearing my wife's friends say I'm an asshole would put me in a real conciliatory mood.  Yes, he cheated on Gisele, but his affair is with the game he's loved long before these two ever met. The mistress he couldn't end it with is a hot little number called Winning. He's got 52 sidepieces, otherwise known as teammates. His only gratification outside his marital bed is the sexual thrill that comes from torching an opponent. He's a one-woman man, but there's still a place in his heart for football. And if that's worthy of "hate" from their so-called friends, then so be it. 

Considering this is who he and his wife have been surrounded by, no wonder he's needed to seek professional help:

Because with friends like that, who needs enemies?

If they should happen to reconcile, let's hope they find a better class of people to hang out with. And get back to happier times.

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(I'll give you an example. One time the Irish Rose and I were having cocktails with her girlfriend and her husband, who I'd only met a few times. Both of these people had long since passed the most important test, which is being nice to my beloved spouse. They're nice people. Fun. Engaging. But in the course of the evening, I brought up a name I do in pretty much every conversation. And the husband asked a question that ended any chance of us becoming Couples Friends. 

"Who is Bill Belichick?" 

He wasn't being ironic or snarky. He flat out had no idea who I was talking about. After living in Massachusetts his whole life. And this was in the mid-2010s. Football is not a thing he has any interest in. On the way home, I explained to my beguiling lass that they are great people and encouraged her to spend as much time as she'd like with them. That they are welcome to come to our parties and we'll accept invitations to theirs. But the idea of say, us going on trip or even spending a weekend with them was an impossibility. Because we're just very different sorts of cats. I can relate to a lot of people. But I have to draw the line at Patriots ignorance.)