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I Love Getting Drunk And Jamming Out To Some Good Ol' Blues Music

Wednesday night I went out with Reags, Chief and Ed. Got ourselves a nice steak at Keen's in Manhattan. Ed got the surf and turf, Reags got a ribeye and Chief got a burrata salad. We also indulged in many a cocktail. I had about 12 old fashions, Reags and Ed had beer and Chief had a virgin sex on the beach. 

It was amazing.

But I was also somewhat intoxicated. Got back to the hotel around 11pm and had nothing else to do but sit around and jam the fuck out to some good ol' blues music. That's when I stumbled upon a video that came fully equipped with a bunch of blues legends all jamming out together on stage:

Not sure how I haven't seen this video before as drunkenly watching YouTube videos of blues legends is one of my favorite pastimes, but I haven't. That's when I decided I wanted to share it with you guys.

I wish I was as talented at ANYTHING as these people are at playing the guitar. Every last one of them on stage are gods, like I said. They're not human. If being mediocre is a talent, that's the one talent I have that is on par with these people as guitarists.

Other news and notes: 

- I also jammed out to a little bit of Kingfish Ingram as well. If you're a blues fan, you know who he is and you know that he's a freak as well. But if you haven't heard of him, play him immediately

- got nice on a little JJ Grey and Mofro last night too:

I love JJ Grey though I don't know a whole lot about him. I know his "popular" songs, and that's it. Lochloosa, the song he's playing above, is fucking incredible and in this live rendition he has an awesome solo. Didn't realize how good he is on the 6 string until watching this video. Doesn't show off in his studio shit too much. He should, because he's awesome. Have at it

- And of course it wouldn't be a drunken blues jam session without some Joe Bonomassa or Marcus King: 

Why do I gotta be such a goddamn bum? It's infuriating. All I can do is play like 5-6 chords really poorly on the guitar. That's with the help of Marty Schwartz, the "Ghengis Kahn of guitar teaching" and a man I got to interview for my music podcast, On The Guest List, this week:

It's honestly cool how many lives this dude's affected without realizing it. I wouldn't be able to play 5-6 chords on the guitar really shittily without him. In all seriousness, I probably spent more time with Marty Schwartz than anyone else the entirety of the pandemic. We were boyz and I had a lot of fun with him. It became a great outlet for me and if you're looking to get into playing guitar, he's the dude to go to. He'll teach ya how to play anything and everything.

Subscribe to him on YouTube!!!

And check out On The Guest List: