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The Padres May Have Tied The Series But The Story Of The Night Was The Goose On The Field

We had a GREAT game in Los Angeles last night. Padres and Dodgers lived up to the hype and we saw San Diego tie up the series 1-1. But the main storyline wasn't the game. It wasn't Manny Machado hitting a home run or Kershaw giving up 3 runs through 5. It was this damn goose that got on the field. 

People go NUTS when an animal gets on a playing field. See a goose in the park? No big deal. See a goose on a diamond and it's a spectacle.


This guy landed on the field in the bottom of the 8th and they just kept playing until became apparent they had to remove this goose. And people were calling it a duck. It's a damn goose. Read a book for me one time! You know what a duck looks like people, stop being ignorant. 

Anyway, he's chilling in the outfield and then they eventually figure out they have to stop the game to remove the duck, which was much more aggressive than anybody expected.

What happened to the goose after it was removed? My guess is it was eaten by the Dodgers for their postgame meal since they didn't come back to win. The Dodgers had a HUGE chance to make this their thing. If they had come back and won this goose would have been a legend. Vin Scully, Sandy Koufax, Jackie Robinson, the goose. But they couldn't complete the comeback and they wasted a prime opportunity for the next rally monkey. 

So RIP to this goose because it's probably dead now and shame on the Dodgers for not stepping up when the rally goose needed them the most. Story of the game, this damn goose.